Why should I keep my Natural hair?

Why should I keep my natural hair? I’m sure a lot of you have asked yourselves this question. Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I finally got the courage to cut my hair a few months ago and it turned out surprisingly pretty. What I didn’t expect was the frequent headaches and breaking of combs associated with our lovely natural African hair. The beauty really comes with a price. I quickly went from;

A Picture of me in Law School with my relaxed hair partially packed


Not my face but an almost accurate description of my present hair state

I’m a natural product freak so I’m usually wary of whatever product I use on my hair and skin. So after browsing Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and watching a lot of videos on Youtube without getting satisfied. I decided to stick with the two natural products I love and trust! Coconut Oil and Shea Butter! Coconut oil was, is and will always be a blessing! I use it for my hair and skin, I also sell it because I want everyone to enjoy what Coconut Oil has to offer. You can buy it from @theosnaturals on Instagram. but only if you’re located in Abuja, Nigeria at the moment. It will also be available in Lagos soon. Extra Virgin (Cold pressed) Coconut Oil.

For now, I am wearing wigs to avoid frequent combing. Also because I realized that braids get old easily with our African Virgin hair but we are still on this journey and you’ll find out more in the next few months.

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