6 things I learned this year

This year has been a roller coaster year for me, I go up and when I think up is all there is, I come crashing down. I settle down and get comfortable then I’m thrown up again, the tides I experienced gave me a chance to learn a lot of new things and I’m going to share them all with you.

While we prepare for the new year, let’s not forget to;

1. Save money!

Most people will see this and be like “Of course I know I should save money for December”. And yes, I believe you should save money for Christmas but don’t forget about all your responsibilities in the new year.

Remember that January is a whole year in itself, it’ the year of renewing your rent (for most of us), it’s the year for paying school fees for Parents and a whole lot of other responsibilities. Enjoy the Christmas but don’t enjoy it to the detriment of the new year.

Also, be wise when spending your money, it’s usually good to choose quality over quantity but always know how and when to mellow down (like my mom would always say) and get something cheaper. You will be able to buy or do that amazing thing in the future if you keep working hard but for now, don’t cut off your neck because you want the best!

2. Practice Gratitude;

With everything that was going on in my life, most times I forget how good I actually have it. I kept seeing all the bad things that were happening to me and I forgot to be grateful for the good things because I wanted it all. This made me feel like I was suffering every day of my life and as a result, I became constantly miserable and when I think about it now, it’s very funny because despite the fact that I was supposedly ‘suffering’, I always had more than what I needed.

Recently, I decided to adopt the attitude of gratitude and to stop being unsatisfied all the time. I started writing the three things I’m grateful for every day in my diary, whenever I go back and read them, it’s always so amazing because these things can be the littlest things like;

“I’m grateful I have a really full hair”


“I’m grateful for the little puppies we have running all around the house”

It makes me happy and also makes me realize all I actually have.

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

3. Declutter;


I can’t even stress this enough, you need space to think and the more luggage you have, the less likely you are to get things done in time! You don’t actually need everything you have and when you start buying only things you need and not just things you think are pretty, Life will become a lot easier for you.

4. Your parents want the best for you;

Most times they have a funny way of showing it and their ways are not usually modern but best believe they want you to be happy and comfortable when they are not there to take care of you. Most of them have gone through a lot of bad stuff in their lives and are trying to make sure you don’t experience the same thing so believe that they love you and try to talk to them when your interests don’t align with theirs.

5. Friends can make or break you;

We all know this but for some reason, most times we choose to ignore it.

Know when it’s time to cut a particular friend or friends off! Don’t wait until it’s too late.


6. Procrastination kills!

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

It feels good to just sit down doing nothing, watch a movie, eat or just talk with friends while telling ourselves that we will start that business or weight loss plan tomorrow. Slowly, tomorrow becomes next week, next week becomes next month and next month becomes next year. We end up doing nothing and hate ourselves because of it but all this can be prevented if you’d just prepare your mind and START!

These are the six things I learned this year, the few more things I learned this year will be on my podcast, it’s called Tees’s Tales and you can find it on Anchor, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, PocketCasts, Breaker, or wherever you listen to your Podcasts. You can tune in every week to listen to something new on TEE’S TALES.

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I love you all!

I am a lawyer and a writer, I specialize in Creative writing(Fiction Short stories and Novels). I'm also a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger.


December 16, 2019 at 10:52 am

This was a really interesting read love. Thanks and keep on writing. I could’ve commented later but number 6 be staring at me with’em tough eyes and I don’t want any troubles…. Lol. But this, this is beautifully written.

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