Mr. Martins laid back in bed as old memories danced before his eyes. He remembered beautiful Caroline, his greatest crush in the university, he thought of how unnatural forces had tried all they could to prevent him from getting to know her and how easily he had given up on her. He didn’t regret it though, No! He didn’t regret any of it, if he didn’t hear all that, he would’ve never been able to handle a successful ten years with the beautiful angel resting on his chest. He closed his eyes as he reminisced…

It was 2005, his graduation year, the year he had waited on for so long. Everything seemed better to him because he was leaving it all, the ladies seemed sweeter, the guys seemed funnier, the sky looked positively brighter and the lecturers seemed even nicer, he rested on the staircase at the entrance of his classroom gratefully smiling. A beautiful fair lady with a tiny waist and dancing buttocks walked by gracefully. “Hi Matt!” she chimed, Martins smiled like a fool as his eyes followed her waist into the class. A few minutes after she sat down, he realized that he hadn’t replied her. Caroline, his crush since his first year in the university was an extremely attractive young lady, he never had the guts to approach her before but he was going to do it this year. Caroline had to be his baby girl before they graduated.

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He decided to tell his roommates about his intentions.
“Caroline?” John laughed “Don’t try it please!”

“Do you mean Coe the Hoe?” Tolu asked

“Who else ?” John replied and they burst out laughing.

“Let’s tell you a story!” Tolu said

And they did. Stories of Caroline I had never heard before erupted, about her rendezvous with the same sex and older men, the secret of her beauty being a powerful witch. I was so disappointed that I never even looked her way again after that, I didn’t want her witch powers to rub off on me and make me love her unconditionally like those poor hopeless old men.

Four years later, I had gotten a decent job, a car but no good woman in my life. As fate would have it, I came across her again at a food market.

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This time, I took her number. At this point, I had seen a lot in life and I didn’t care about her past anymore. A relationship began immediately and I learned that Caroline had only dated one guy in the university who unbeknownst to her was a leader of a cultist group when they started dating. When she refused to have sex with him thereby ending the relationship, he made it his life’s mission to make sure no one else dated her again by spreading false rumors about her in school and threatening whoever liked her despite the rumors. Caroline apparently remained a virgin till she left school, some of martins’ roommates being part of the famous cultist group that kept the rumors flowing. She wasn’t a virgin now, of course, she had finally met a wonderful guy with whom she had made the big decision but she was with martin now and it was all about him. She wasn’t the experienced hoe that martin thought she was in school but she sure knew how to extremely excite him in bed. Martins smiled as he held his beloved Caroline a little bit tighter.


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