Work work work work work!!!

My phone rang out loudly,
“What the hell?  What kinda noise is that? Make it stop! Make it stop!” I scream in my mind as I wait for the music to stop. But it kept playing, almost like it heard my loud thoughts and wanted to defy me on purpose.

Lazily stretching my hand, I get a hold of the phone, my first thought is to switch it off but I look at the screen and I feel a warm glow in my chest, I will give anything up for this call. “Hello?” It came out like a whisper. “Hello?” He mimicked me, playfully whispering too. “You’re still asleep by this time?..” I look around searching for the clock but all I could see was grey. I guess I was still half asleep. “It’s 11:00 am baby, get up and go to class!!” “Oh, Shit! The class is by 12!” I shout, involuntarily falling off my bed. “Damn! Does this mean you’d leave without eating? You know how you get whenever you don’t eat in the morning” He asked.

“I was gon cook this morning but now I can’t and the next few days are completely occupied” I replied. At this point, my eyes were totally clear and I was getting my clothes ready. “Guess this means I won’t see you today” I stop and turn, “Huh? You’re coming?” Suddenly, my class didn’t seem so important. “No baby, I’m just driving by. I’ll pass by your house as I’m going to my uncle’s house. Remember his child’s dedication this week?” he asked. The sadness hit me like a cold blanket, “I would’ve really loved to see my baby, I’ve missed him so much” I tried. “I’m sorry dear, so watchu gon eat?” He moved on.

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“Just some snacks when I get to school, then i”ll buy noodles to bring home”.  “What were you planning to cook?” he asked, “A beef gravy and a pot of soup. But no time for that now, i”ll just go with the normal junk” I replied. “What about the gown you forgot at my house? You’ve been complaining about it. You want me to bring it over?” “Yeah, but how do I get it? I’ll be in class when you come” I wondered. “Oh, that’s alright. Just leave your key in your window. I’ll drop it off then run along “. I took a sigh of relief, “Alright baby, I really need to go now. I’ll drop the key, ok? Talk to you later, I love you”  “I love you more, my girl” And the beep ended the call. I had twenty minutes to shower and dress if I was gon reach class on time. I could do that.

“Nicole! You made it just in time! Prof Charles just excused himself to speak with the dean. He came earlier than the agreed time, you know how punctual he can be, I totally hate him. Make up free day huh? What made you late?”  I watched my friend Susan as she talked (blabbing if you ask me) but I was really hungry and in no mood to talk. At that moment, our Professor came in. Saved by the Professor, I settled in my chair.    The lecture was a total waste of time, I was too hungry to listen and I kept shaking though out the lecture. I then got this splitting headache that I could do nothing about so I staggered like a drunk lady once the lecture was over till I got to a provision store. Buying more drinks, snacks, and noodles than necessary, I stuffed them in my classic Michael Kors bag and whistled for a taxi. My whistle sounded like a dying tuberculosis man’s cough so I was really surprised that the taxi driver heard me and stopped.

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

I sat down in the taxi then noticed after a few minutes that the driver had been staring and smiling at me. He obviously wanted me to smile back so he could start some sort of conversation. I returned my resting bitch face and he turned away disappointed. I got home, paid the confused cabman and practically crawled into the compound, ready to devour everything I could find in my bag.

I took the key from the window while doing this I inhaled a strange smell that wasn’t there when I left. I concluded it was from my neighbor and proceeded to open my door. On my center table, in my tiny room were three food flasks, I opened them. One was filled with fried potato and yam chips, the second was a beef and chicken gravy with a lot of eggs and the third one was a steaming rich vegetable soup. No gown.

Guys,so this is the first story i’m posting on my blog. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. It’s about a boyfriend who surprises his girlfriend with the sweetest gift ever! FOOD! What else? Expect more amazing stories and content ranging from beauty, lifestyle and travel! Love you all!


I am a lawyer and a writer, I specialize in Creative writing(Fiction Short stories and Novels). I'm also a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger.

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