Hiking as the Best Exercise for Weight loss

We have all struggled with weight loss or at least getting that perfect body at one point in our lives. We want to kill it in a dress without having to wear a girdle or get those pretty ladies staring at our abs whenever we are chilling at the pool, you’ve probably tried gyming, running, jogging and so many other exercises, which obviously hasn’t worked for many of us.

Well, there’s one thing that you’ve probably not tried.


Hiking isn’t just unique and fun, it also really helps to give you that perfect body! While having fun!

Do you hike already? And you just need some motivation to continue? Well luckily, twisted fitness gives us fun ideas concerning how to lose weight without too much stress and they’ve published my article about hiking! You should also read up if you’ve never hiked before or even climbed a rock!

Read up on my funny struggles with weight loss and how I finally found a solution, meet you there;

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