I’ve always loved the idea of saving, I started when I was very little with a wooden box that was sealed on all sides and had a tiny little hole on top, enough to squeeze money through, I called it my ‘Savings box’.

A little wooden box usually used for saving

I saved through elementary school and finally decided to break it one day, I and my mom calculated a whooping NGN3000 and we were so excited. My mom took me to the bank to open an account with the money and I felt really proud of myself (Apparently NGN3000 was too small to open an account at that time but she made me believe otherwise), she then bought a real piggy bank for me and encouraged me to save more. I grew up with this habit and never stopped.

A Photo of a toy pig or a Piggy bank.
Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash


When I entered the University, I realized that using such an obvious object was not only embarrassing but also made you a target for robbers, I started saving in envelopes. By the end of my first year in the university, I had saved about NGN100,000 but then an electrical problem developed in our hostel and one day while most of us were at our evening reading class, the hostel caught fire and practically everything I had owned turned to ashes, especially my money. I didn’t bother crying because it wouldn’t have brought forth any solution so I just had to start buying everything again. It was a really difficult time.

A Picture of a Yellow ATM Machine
Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash


This was when I realized that I couldn’t actually hold my savings, It would either get burnt or stolen so I opened a savings bank account and started putting money there. This worked for years but I then realized that I wasn’t getting any interest no matter how long or hard I saved (The Bankers told me I would, but I didn’t). I couldn’t open a fixed deposit account because it wasn’t worth it honestly, I would not be able to collect any money from it in a very long time and the interest was very little.

A Picture with the Logo 'PiggyVest' written on it


I discovered the PiggyVest app which was called PiggyBank at the time and I was immediately attracted, the app itself was inviting so I decided to sign up as long as it meant saving my money. I was a little bit skeptic at first about putting my money there or adding my Debit Card details then I realized that they were secured by PayStack.

The Idea was to save NGN100 every day and it really worked for me, I convinced my friends and family to join and we all started saving NGN100 every day. A few months down the line, I and my brothers started saving NGN10,000 and above every month.


  • You earn a 10% interest on your savings and it is calculated, divided and given to you every day, which means every day your savings increase.
  • The more you save, the higher you earn.
  • You earn up to 13% interest when you use the Safelock feature and it is paid upfront!
  • You can actually invest with as little as NGN5,000 (Shocking, right?) and you’ll earn up to 25% interest.
  • You will always have an Emergency Fund for rainy days!

Run to the PiggyVest Website now and sign up, download the app and START SAVING!!

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October 11, 2019