The Beauty Of Iverem

Chief Bem felt honoured that Mr Ogbonna was coming to his house. Out of all the houses in their small village, a very rich lawyer wanted to stay in his own house, he must have been doing something right or perhaps Mr Ogbonna heard about his yam farm and wanted to have a taste.

Chief Bem’s three wives knelt in front of the door as Mr Ogbonna came in chorusing, “Welcome Mr Ogbonna”. he thanked them and complimented Chief Bem on the beauty of his wives.

Mr Ogbonna sat on the mat and was served Bosede’s famous yam pepper soup, he ate heartily while discussing with Chief Bem about his yam farm. He seemed so proud of his work so Mr Ogbonna listened intensively though he wasn’t slightly interested. He didn’t choose Chief Bem’s rickety old hut to stay because of yam, he was here because of the beautiful young woman he saw at the stream yesterday when he went to wash his feet, the outline of her waist had captivated him immediately but he saw the black bead on her waist which indicated that she was married and when he inquired about that, her husband turned out to be an old yam farmer who treated all his wives really badly and now that, was why he was here today.

Mr Ogbonna yawned to get a reaction from Chief Bem and he got exactly that;

“Oh you must be tired sir, you should go in. Boseda is waiting for you”.

“The black lady?” he asked, “No, I can’t go there, black ladies are believed to be bad luck where I come from!” He lied. “Wow! Really?” Chief Bem queried, “All ladies are beautiful, why don’t you try Boseda? She’ll make you really happy” he winked.

“I would’ve but it’s against my religion, maybe I should just stay alone tonight” he tried.

“No no no!” Chief Bem shouted, “Who would you like?”

“A fair lady,” he said, knowing exactly who he would be given and that night was the best of his life.

“Run away with me Iverem “he said after a night of heated passion. He knew he was attracted to Iverem the very first time he saw her but he would’ve never guessed she liked him too, it seemed that way though after her great movements in bed, but maybe she was just experienced, the thought of that made him really angry. He had hated the tradition of offering wives to visitors prominent to the Tivs in Benue State for a very long time but here he was, in Kwande, taking advantage of that tradition. He actually thought it would be a tough bargain getting this beautiful woman to be the one given as a gift to him for the night but here she was beside him like she didn’t matter to her husband at all. Such a terrible tradition.

“I’ll take care of you Iverem, you’ll never have to sleep with another man again” At the sound of that, Iverem’s eyes lit up and she agreed to go.

So Iverem snuck out with a man she hardly knew and his two slaves like thieves in the night to the canoe by the stream, away from her husband and her family so she could feel loved and respected for the first time.


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